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Enjeux fonciers dans l'Itasy : réconcilier l'obsolète et le présent Ny mikasika ny fananan-tany ao amin'ny Faritra Atsinanana Herinandro fampahafantarana ny fananan-tany, Faritra Itasy Forum national pour la consolidation de la politique foncière malagasy La Femme et le Foncier Sécuriser à bas prix les droits fonciers des citoyens malgaches Tanin'ireo voanjo teo aloha : iza no tena tompony? Ny adin-tany Etat des lieux de la réforme foncière

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administration[at]observatoire-foncier.mg 9 rue Pierre Stibbe, bâtiment du service topographique, Porte 213 Anosy - Antananarivo 101 - Madagascar.

Publications scientifiques




Rural youth and access to agricultural land: The case of Madagascar

Land Observatory communication at the conference on Land and Policy in Africa The next decade of land policy in Africa: ensuring agricultural development and inclusive growth. November 2014. Addis Abeba.


Every year, about 250,000 rural youth enter the labor market in Madagascar. They could engage in agriculture that holds a huge potential, but they face many challenges, and above all, they need a secure land access. This paper analyses the profile of rural youth in Madagascar, their perception of agricultural work, their land access and the constraints which limit their entering in agriculture.