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Enjeux fonciers dans l'Itasy : réconcilier l'obsolète et le présent Ny mikasika ny fananan-tany ao amin'ny Faritra Atsinanana Herinandro fampahafantarana ny fananan-tany, Faritra Itasy Forum national pour la consolidation de la politique foncière malagasy La Femme et le Foncier Sécuriser à bas prix les droits fonciers des citoyens malgaches Tanin'ireo voanjo teo aloha : iza no tena tompony? Ny adin-tany Etat des lieux de la réforme foncière

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Publications scientifiques




Rural youth and access to agricultural land: The case of Madagascar

Land Observatory communication at the conference on Land and Policy in Africa The next decade of land policy in Africa: ensuring agricultural development and inclusive growth. November 2014. Addis Abeba.


Every year, about 250,000 rural youth enter the labor market in Madagascar. They could engage in agriculture that holds a huge potential, but they face many challenges, and above all, they need a secure land access. This paper analyses the profile of rural youth in Madagascar, their perception of agricultural work, their land access and the constraints which limit their entering in agriculture.




Land certification in Madagascar:formalizing (f)or securing?

Land Observatory communication at the World Bank Annual Conference on Land and Poverty. March 2014. Washington DC.


Two major innovations have inter alia emerged from the land reform in Madagascar: (i)

decentralised land management through the creation of local land offices, and (ii) certification, which enables individuals to register private property provided the community agrees on the legitimacy of the claimed rights.




Agribusiness investment: small farmer’s strategies and women’s role to cope with changes

Land Observatory communication at Agricultural Investment, Gender and Land in Africa, Cape Town. March 2014


What strategies households adopt to cope in an environment transformed by the development of a large-scale plantation or a contract farming scheme? and, especially, what role do women play to cope with the changes? This communication explores households’ strategies facing the development of these two business models, for a same crop, by a single enterprise in two distinct areas.




Processus d’acquisition foncière à grande échelle à Madagascar : quelles régulations sur le terrain ? 

Paru dans Cahiers Agricultures. Volume 22, Numéro 1. Janvier – février 2013.


A Madagascar, les appropriations foncières à grande échelle se poursuivent. Mais, à la différence d'atres pays du Sud, une réforme foncière est en cours, fondée à la fois sur la remise en cause de la propriété de l'Etat sur une large par du territoire et la reconnaissance légale des droits fonciers locaux. Basé sur la théorie de l'accès, cet article analyse les modes d'accès à la terre des investisseurs et leurs régulations.




Foreign land acquisitions in Madagascar : Competing jurisdictions of access claims. 

In  Dietz Ton (ed.), Havnevik Kjell (ed.), Kaag Mayke (ed.), Oestigaard Terje (ed.). African engagements : Africa negotiating an emerging multipolar world. Leyde : Brill, p. 110-132. (Africa-Europe Group for Interdisciplinary Studies, 7).


In 2009, the government was simultaneously encouraging foreign land investment and implementing land reform to secure local land rights. This chapter analyses the realities encountered in the local settings where local and international stakeholders vie for the same plots of land. The authors also underline how local populations lack the necessary information to properly assess envisaged projects.